Threecorners Little Flo


Sex: Bitch

Colour: Orange and white

Sire: Kenine Fudge Brownie

Dam: Threecorners Sherbet Candy


DNA tested CLEAR for prcd-PRA

DNA tested CLEAR for FN (Familial Nephropathy)

Tested CLEAR for GPRA

Tested CLEAR for CPRA

Tested CLEAR for Goniogenesis

Flo is a very happy, friendly addition to our kennels.  She is the litter sister to Mouse, but totally different in character and temperament.  She spends most of her days smiling and wagging her tail so much, that I am surprised she hasn't snapped herself in half.

She is extremely athletic, agile and a super fast runner.  She is eager to learn, loves the one-to-one contact and adores water work and is a natural retriever.

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